Residential forum 2023
8 юни 2023 | Sofia Event Center

Georgeta Rafailova

Director, Sofiaplan

Georgeta is an architect. She graduated at UACEG in 1984; working at OP Sofproect since the establishment of the enterprise in 1998; over 34 years of experience in spatial planning.

Key expert in the elaboration of: Sofia Municipality Masterplan, approved in 2007 and of its amendments 2009, 2014 and 2019; Sofia Region Development Strategy up to 2015. Team leader for the Development Plan of Sofia Municipality 2014-2020 and the municipal project for preparation of Sofia Integrated Plan for Urban Renewal and Development 2014-2020.

Author and co-author of concepts, strategies and programs for implementation of Sofia Masterplan, and of a number of detailed urban plans with significant territorial coverage for Sofia and other settlements in Bulgaria. Member of municipal teams participating in EU international urban projects and conferences, lately TURaS, URBiNAT; she is the contact person at Sofia Municipality for METREX - the network of professionals in spatial planning for European metropolises.

As member of Sofiaplan team her work focus is on spatial and strategic planning.