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Residential forum 2023

Residential Forum 2023, organized by the City Media Group, is the leading specialized forum with a focus on the residential sector and trends in the planning and realization of modern residential projects.
The residential segment - most vibrant with major construction volumes, has a key urban planning, economic and social impact on the environment. To a very large extent the residential projects shape the appearance of the cities, aiming at providing the living environment preferred by the inhabitants and, and last but not least, being a preferred investment asset in the context of an inflationary pressure and the volatility of alternative opportunities for capital investments.
In order to provide as broad and comprehensive a view of the key segment for the real estate sector as possible, the program of the Residential Forum 2023 will be composed of three main sessions: Urban Talks Session, The Market and Projects & Products Showcase 2023 Session. 

Urban Talks 2023 session: Urban development models and public-private synergies
Increased construction activity in recent years has in many cases overtaken the development of urban infrastructure, which creates prerequisites for technical deficits and transport challenges, as well as deteriorated or missing public space. Integrated efforts and a joint approach between the public and private sectors are needed to maintain a balance in areas with investment activity - especially those with regeneration potential. The Urban Talks session will emphasize on the levers for solving infrastructural deficits and on the principle of sustainable development of territories with investment potential creating value for the cities, as well as on the models for achieving attractive urban multifunctional spaces.

The Market 2023 session: Market environment, liquidity, financing, demand and supply
The market situation is not constant and has its specifics. The inflationary effect along with the supply chain and the labor market logically make the housing product more expensive, and the changes in the central banks monetary policies aim to gradually limit liquidity in the sector. The expectations are that these factors will increase the competition as the key criteria for selection in this environment will be the project quality. The Market session will provide an opportunity for professional discussion focused on the housing market and the trends in demand, liquidity, supply, pricing and macro factors shaping the current market environment. 

Projects & Products Showcase 2023 session: Top residential projects - from ideas to realization
The trends in the modern way of life and the requirements of the modern inhabitant are the foundation for the planning of housing projects, and the perception of the living environment has long gone beyond the framework of the housing asset itself - in addition to the attractive design and quality execution, the principle by which the project is adapted to the urban specifics, as well as the rational access to key social functions such as education, culture, sports and entertainment or multifunctionality in general. In addition, the application of innovative and quality materials and solutions, the integration of technologies that make projects more intelligent and sustainable creates key value for users. Projects & Products Showcase 2023 session will show the most interesting residential buildings in the process of realization, novelties in floor plan concepts and design trends, as well as building solutions and technologies that make a project more attractive.

Residential Forum 2023 will provide a platform to the most active participants in the housing sector by emphasizing the urban planning features, the market environment and trends in the design and implementation of quality housing projects as well as the solutions, innovations and technologies that create value for the sector.

Major accents

Urban talks 2023: Development of urban territories: models and priorities.

Territories with development potential: models for the regeneration and transformation of brownfield sites into attractive urban multifunctional spaces.

Investment environment 2023: stimulating investment activity and increasing confidence in the sector by creating clear and transparent rules and regulations.

Urban development and effective regulatory, fiscal and market-oriented tools for implementing development plans.

Integrated efforts and a collaborative approach between the public and private sectors in order to maintain a balance in the areas of investment activity. Institutional nature of planning, financing and management of residential buildings.

Mixed-use buildings: functionality in response to the needs of modern residents.

The Market 2023: the market environment, liquidity, financing, demand and supply. Challenges and opportunities in the search for quality housing and investment in more assets.

Projects & Products Showcase 2023: the most interesting residential projects - from idea to realization.

Building Innovation: innovative and quality materials and solutions, integration of new generation technologies that make projects more intelligent and sustainable.


Arch. Yordan Terziyski

National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria

Konstantin Pavlov

Mayor of Lozenets District, Sofia Municipality

Teodor Petkov

Mayor of Vitosha District, Sofia Municipality

Traicho Traikov

Mayor of Sredets District, Sofia Municipality

Angel Stefanov

Mayor of Ovcha Kupel District, Capital Municipality

Doncho Barbalov

Deputy Mayor, Finance and healthcare, Sofia Municipality

Arch. Zdravko Zdravkov

Chief Architect, Sofia Municipality

Atanas Garov

founder and managing partner, Garitage Investment Management

Adina Welsh

Executive Director Bulgaria, Raiffeisen Property Holding International

Borislav Tochevski

owner, Green District

Nurhan Redjeb

Urbanist, Place.make

Asen Lisev

Executive Director of Bravo Property Fund REIT

Valentina Dimitrova

Operations manager, PSS Construction

Petar Ganev

Senior researcher, Institute of Market Economics

Georgi Kirov

Partner, Director of Investment Consulting Services, Colliers International

Dilyana Hristova

General Manager, Nova City Group

Konstantin Boyadzhiev

CEO, Galaxy Investment Group

Dr. Konstantin Bobchev

Managing partner, SMART CONSULTANTS

Ivan Goranov

managing partner, SMART CONSULTANTS

Ivaylo Mitev

owner, Idea Home

Sergey Koinov

managing partner, Emblema

Rumen Radushev

Retail Banking Sector Manager, Post Bank

Eng. Kostadinka Kanurova

Owner and General manager, KMV Property Management

Nevena Stoyanova

managing director, Luximmo Finest Estates and Barnes Bulgaria

Vesela Ilieva

Managing partner, Unique Estates, New Estates

Yavor Perdukhov

Manager of Forton Homes

Vladimir Temelkov

General manager, Bauland

Manoel Popov

Co- founder and CEO, Delta 3 Real Estate and Co- founder, Foundation Delta 3 Analizi

Ani Le Velkova

Head of Residential Properties, MBL

Ivan Velkov

President, FIABCI Bulgaria

Arch. Lyubo Georgiev

Ekip na Sofia

Arch. Svetoslav Stanislavov

founder and leading architect, STARH Studio

Arch. Angel Zahariev

co-founder, A & A Architects

Alex Kovachev

interior designer and owner, IDEA Interior Design Studio

arch. Neli Kirovа

senior architect, IPA

arch. Daniela Angelova

senior architect and team leader, IPA

arch. Nicoleta Balabanova

Architect, RT Consult

Arch. Marina Kenarova-Andreeva

leading architect, Atelier Serafimov Architects

Arch. Sanya Kovacheva

architect, STARH Studio

Arch. Vessela Valtcheva-McGee

Managing Partner, Triple Green Building Group Bulgaria

Arch. Militsa Petrova

Founder, Spacemode studio

Arch. Lubomir Stanislavov

Founder & CEO, S Architectural Team

Hristofor Hristov

Manager, Solid Doors Center

Eng. Georgi Marinov

Product Manager – Building line, Mapei Bulgaria

Petar Landeka

Technical Manager, Schiedel Croatia

Vencislav Dimitrov

Daikin partner, Mega Electronics

Denitsa Peneva

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Artefino

arch. Georgi Katov

General manager, I/O architects

Arch. Borislav Bogdanov

Owner and Chief Architect, Amphion Architectural Studio

Prof. Dr. Arch. Valery Ivanov

Manager, Design studio ATEK-VD

Eng. Lubomir Hadjiiski

Manager, Amax Gas

Elitsa Neykova

Manager key customers, Alumil Bulgaria

Rumen Ivanov

sales manager, Hörman Bulgaria

Arch. Nikola Georgiev

director, SGI Architects & Masterplanners

Kostadin Yanchev

sales engineer - building segment, ABB

Lyubomir Milchev

Key projects manager, ΕΤΕΜ

Georgeta Rafailova

Director, Sofiaplan

Aster Hadjiev

Manager, Parquet style

Jordan Velev

Commercial Director, Granitex

Hristo Shterev

manager, Conforma

Fadi Salamat

Product Manager, Saint-Gobain Bulgaria

Arch. Martin Ryashev

founder and leading architect, DA Architects

arch. Milena Nanova

architect, manager and co-founder of Studio 17.5-M

Radim Senk

Business Development Manager, Nebesys

Kamen Krastev

CEO, The City Media Group


Early registration (until May 22 inclusive)
Live attendance - 150 Eur without VAT

After May 22
Live attendance - 180 Eur without VAT




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